Vietnamese use smartphones in odd ways

Created 29 May 2017
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When a smartphone falls into the hand of uninformed person, it may become an instrument to commit crime. 

"We are witnessing odd crimes every day,” an educator said.

The hot topic for discussion of netizens last week was the catastrophic accident in Nam Dinh city. A container crashed into a car, killing two people.

The accident became even more tragic when a woman appeared and got a smartphone close to the victims and took pictures repeatedly.

The woman was washing her hair, but this did not prevent her from running into the site and taking pictures of the victims.

People have criticized her insensitivity and commented this was uncivilized behavior.

“She hurried to take pictures to post images on Facebook,” a man said. “Is it worth doing this just to get some likes on Facebook?”

The educator, when relating the story, commented that many Vietnamese tend to be indifferent to the pain of fellow human beings. 

He also wondered who took the picture of this woman photographing the victims. 

However, they chose different topics. The woman’s aim was the victims, while the man’s subject was the woman. The man might have hoped that his pictures would stir a hot topic of discussion on internet.

“In this case, smartphones were used as a tool to commit crimes,” he said.

Some months ago, when a fire occurred, Tuan Hung, a famous singer, rushed to the fire to save people. Meanwhile, 20 young men stayed outside and filmed Tuan Hung with their smartphones. And the images of Tuang Hung appeared on Facebook just several minutes later.

“As for many people, it is more important to post hot pictures and clips on internet than saving victims in accidents,” he said.

A high school teacher in Hanoi said he recently saw a clip on internet showing a group of students in school uniform giving a male student repeated blows on a street. The others students stayed outside, encouraging and filming the fight.

“What do students learn at morality lessons?” the teacher asked, adding that it is necessary to take actions to stop people’s insensitivity.

Minister of Education and Training Phung Xuan Nha said on November 16 before the ongoing National Assembly’s session that the subject Giao Duc Cong Dan (citizenship education) will be included on the national high-school finals in 2017. The decision is hoped to help ease the escalating school violence.


Source: VietNamNet


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