Insurance company pays for insured patients with Lupus

Created 30 April 2017
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The Vietnam Social Insurance Company has sent its document to its sub-division in Ho Chi Minh City asking to continue paying for the medications for people with Lupus.

Insured patients buy drusg in hospital booth (Photo: SGGP)

Insured patients buy drusg in hospital booth (Photo: SGGP)


Following the complaints of patients about payment of two drugs oral Mycophenolate and injection Tacrolimus in some infirmaries in HCMC, the Vietnam Social Insurance Company ordered its city branch to pay for the medication to protect insured patients’ rights. 

In addition, the Company asked medical clinics nationwide to report unique drugs which are necessary in treating under doctors’ prescription which not yet approved by the Ministry of Health.

As per the Ministry of Health’s circular on November 17, 2014, insurance company will pay for 845 active elements; 1,064 medicines 57 radioactive drugs without Mycophenolate and Tacrolimus. The circular took effect on January 1, 2015.

However, in the end of 2016, the Vietnam Insurance Company sent its document to the Ministry proposing to expand more medications for payment.



Source: SGGP

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