Homeschooling – a rising trend in Vietnam (Video)

Created 21 May 2017
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While homeschooling is somewhat common in developed countries, it remains unfamiliar to Vietnam. It has been imported to Vietnam by parents who have worked and lived abroad and has become more popular.

 Due to the pressure of studying and exams, Yến Nhi and her parents have decided to take her out of school and pursue online homeschooling.

However, not all the parents have the money, time and knowledge to teach their kids.

Many parents said if children study at home, they do not have many chances to communicate with their peers, which can hamper social development.

It’s not easy to pursue homeschooling since the concept poses challenges while being applied in Vietnam. Hence, a cautious approach is advised for Vietnamese parents who want to homeschool their beloved children.


Source: VNA

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