Tropical low depression enters East Sea

Created 17 April 2017
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According to the latest weather news from the National Hydrology Meteorology Forecast Center, a tropical low depression entered the East Sea this morning.

The position of  the first tropical low pressure of the year enters the East Sea.


At 7am, its eye was at 13 degrees north latitude and 118 degrees east longitude with the strongest wind near the center of up 40- 50 kilometers an hour.

In next 24 hours, the pressure is forecast moving the northwestwards at 15- 20 kilometers an hour.

At 7am tomorrow, around 15.8 degrees north latitude and 116.4 degrees east longitude is predicted to be next position of the first tropical low pressure of the year hitting the East Sea. The strongest wind near the center can reach the speed up 40- 50 kilometers per hour.

In the following day, the damaged zone would be at 11 degrees north latitude and 115 degrees east longitude.

In next 24- 48 hour, the low depression is expected to move the northwards of the country.

It was the first tropical low pressure of the year hitting the East Sea.



Source: SGGP

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